Looking for the mobile development and software development life cycle experts?


Looking for
the mobile development and software development life cycle experts?

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You've come to the right place.

cmReady Systems Incorporated provides a wide range of software configuration management and product development services to the greater Southern Californian region and beyond.

Get That Mobile Application Out the Door

Still dreaming of that mobile app? It's not too late. cmReady Systems has a full mobile design and development team to help you make that dream come true. Whether it's an iPhone iOS app, an Android app, or a cross-platform mobile web application, the team at cmReady Systems has the expertise and tools ready at hand to create full-fledged well-tested solutions that are extremely user friendly and look terrific on all mobile platforms.

Exploit the Cloud

It's time to exploit cloud technologies and virtualize your environments – even your production environment. Doing so decreases hardware costs, adds an extra layer of redundancy, and allows you to scale your applications on the fly.

The hardware traditionally necessary to build, test and distribute applications adds up quickly. Instead, let cmReady Systems show you the low-cost alternatives to buying expensive business systems.

Ensure That Your Application Server is Up to Snuff

Is your application server ready to handle your new mobile applications? cmReady Systems can help. We can write in Java (and Grails), Ruby (and Rails), or PHP (including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) – or just about any other programming language you might use. Database layers of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or Oracle? No problem!

We can start your site from scratch or help you tone your current server. Looking for folks who understand REST principles? You're in good shape with cmReady Systems.

Create an Automated Test and Deployment Strategy

Accidentally deploying a broken application can be a thing of the past. DevOps methodologies help you minimize risk by eliminating most human errors from your delivery pipeline. Using experienced architects to plan and build your test and deployment automation scripts ensures that you won't spin your wheels constantly fixing a broken pipeline. Spend your time developing instead of testing and deploying.

Avert Risk by Applying Sound Software Development Management Principles

Using the best software development methodologies and tools is the number one defense tactic against missed deadlines and buggy software. But the word “best” is a subjective term – what's best for you? It might be using agile or a more phased development methodology. It might be using open source solutions or putting in place an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool.

Let cmReady Systems help you design a flexible and dynamic development process that ensure your products deliver on schedule and that your team's code base stays safe, reliable and accessible.

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